M. P. Shah Government Medical College

vikassinha1958@gmail.com , dean-medicol-jam@gujarat.gov.in
M.P.Shah Government Medical College, Jamnagar. 361008

It is matter of great pride that M.P.Shah medical College has launched its website. This website not only provides the detailed information of the college and the individual department but also highlights all the achievements of the different departments. . One can find the list of International, National and Indexed publication from the different departments. This website gives not only the academic information but also gives detailed information of the solarium which is the only piece of engineering used earlier time to treat skin disorder , located very much at the heart of the college at its premises.

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  February 2017 - March 2017
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Physics Top Rankers

Hansha Chufal (Lucknow) 70
Shreyans Jain (Bangalore) 63
Harshita (Bangalore) 39
Rohit Sagar (New Delhi) 6
Bitan Singha (Kolkata) 6

Chemistry Top Rankers

Aman Gupta (Ajmer) 54
Pradnya Patil (Kolhapur) 22
Lakhan Prakash Gupta (Aligarh) 16
Veer Sangram Nag (Bhubaneswar) 13
Arpit Singh (New Delhi) 8

Biology Top Rankers

Abhishek Kumar (Ranchi) 180
Kumar (Vellore) 165
Ronaq (other) 146
Suba Sundaramoorthy (Tiruppur) 130
Seema Joshi (Lucknow) 102