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NEET-2: A subject-wise analysis of question paper


The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test-2 (NEET-2) was conducted amid strict security at examination centres across the country on Sunday.
The paper was largely on the lines of the AIPMT (NEET-1) conducted in May this year. And candidates who used NCERT and other reference books in their preparation for NEET-1 will likely fare well in the Phase 2 of the exam.
Here’s a subject-wise breakdown of what the paper was like:
The physics paper was calculative. Concepts were tough and calculations lengthy. In all, there were 22 questions from Class 11 and 23 from Class 12 syllabi. Over all, the physics paper was on the tougher side, as not all concepts were at the NCERT level.
The chemistry paper was more standard than in the Phase 1 of the exam. However, some questions were out of syllabus and beyond the scope of NCERT books. Numerals were formula-based and easy. One question had two correct options (Code-AA, Q 67). The entire syllabus was not covered and some of chapter chapters such as Chemistry in Everyday Life and Environmental Chemistry were missed.
The biology paper was well-balanced, with equal weightage to Class 11 and 12 syllabi. All important chapters were covered. The questions were a mix bag of simple, average and difficult questions. A few questions were also beyond the scope of NCERT, such as the restriction endonucleare making blunts end cut. Over all, the paper would not have troubled candidates who came well-prepared.
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  February 2017 - March 2017
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Physics Top Rankers
Hansha Chufal (Lucknow) 70
Shreyans Jain (Bangalore) 63
Harshita (Bangalore) 39
Rohit Sagar (New Delhi) 15
Priyabrata Parida (Rourkela) 10
Chemistry Top Rankers
Aman Gupta (Ajmer) 54
Pradnya Patil (Kolhapur) 22
Chahat Khanna (Patiala) 18
Lakhan Prakash Gupta (Aligarh) 16
Veer Sangram Nag (Bhubaneswar) 13
Biology Top Rankers
Chahat Khanna (Patiala) 183
Abhishek Kumar (Ranchi) 180
Kumar (Vellore) 165
Ronaq (other) 146
Suba Sundaramoorthy (Tiruppur) 130