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MBBS admissions Pvt medical colleges in Telangana flout SC directive on single entrance


HYDERABAD: By its decision to conduct separate web-based entrance for admissions into MBBS course, the consortium of non-minority Telangana Private Medical Colleges' Management Association (TPMCMA) seem to be on a collision course with Supreme Court of India.
This is the view that is now gaining currency after the apex court in a landmark decision in April first week recalled its 2013 judgment in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (the ruling had then allowed private colleges to conduct their separate entrance).
While the latest judgment cleared the way for common medical entrance tests for admissions, TPMCMA is set to do exactly the opposite as it is still going ahead with its private medical entrance test (MCET-2016) on May 20 to fill up 735 MBBS seats (35%) under 'B' category management seats in dozen private medical colleges for 2016-17 in Telangana.
"For both payment seats in private colleges or free seats in government medical colleges, there should be a common entrance test to fill up MBBS seats to prevent fleecing by private medical colleges on the name of capitation fees and to ensure selection of candidates take place only by merit," said Dr K Ramesh Reddy, Medical Council of India (MCI) member, while welcoming the Supreme Court judgment.
In all, there are 2,950 MBBS seats in Telangana state including 850 seats in five government medical colleges, while the remaining 2,100 seats are offered by private colleges.
These 2,100 seats are again sub-divided into three categories: 50% seats (1050) filled by the state government under convenor quota through integrated Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET), 35 % seats (735) through private entrance test and for remaining 15% NRI quota, the seats go to highest bidders.
In fact, Andhra Pradesh Private Medical Colleges' Management Association (APPMCMA) too is conducting a separate online entrance test on May 13 to fill up its share of 35% 'B' category management MBBS seats in 13 private medical colleges for 2016-17.
"It looks funny but MBBS aspirants in both AP and T take admissions in colleges through three different modes. There can be one EAMCET for all as this would bring in transparency in the way MBBS seats are filled up in private colleges, which resort to corruption to make money," said Dr YV Rajasekhar Reddy, a US returned doctor cum parent.
However, prof T Papi Reddy, chairman, chairman, Telangana State Council of Higher Education, under whose supervision the private medical entrance test is being conducted, clarified that even though ideally a single common entrance is welcome, the SC judgment has no bearing on Telangana state.
"The SC judgment in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) case does not apply to Telangana and AP as both states are exempted from contributing medical seats to 'central pool' (as is done by other states) under Article 371 (D), which safeguards educational rights of locals," he claimed.
Even for NEET exam, which the Medical Council of India (MCI) mooted in 2013 and wants to conduct every year at the national level as a single common medical entrance test, he said that it may come into the picture from next academic year (2017-18) as it is too late for such an exam now.
When contacted, C Laxminarsimha Rao, convenor, TPMCMA, said that their private medical entrance would be held as per schedule on May 20.
"For eight more years, private medical colleges in both the states would continue to have their own private entrance tests as under 371(D) three states of J&K, AP and Telangana have been granted special previleges when it comes to education rights," he said.
However, G Srinivas, president, Telangana Junior Doctors' Association, differed saying that irrespective of the exemptions given to AP and T under Article 371 (D), the spirit of SC judgment has to be followed by all the states.
"When private medical colleges in both AP and Telangana have no objection in having PGMET, a common medical entrance for postgraduate medical aspirants, why do they object to EAMCET as a common entrance test for MBBS," he asked.
Source : Times of India

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