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Latest scholarship opportunities June 25


Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships, Australia

Funded by the Australian government, it is an international competitive, merit-based scholarship and fellowship providing opportunities for study, research or professional development in Australia, improving knowledge and expertise in a chosen field.

Eligibility: Scholarship is offered to students for undertaking a master’s or PhD programme in any field in Australia for up to four years. Students with age not less 18 years can apply.

Application: Online.

Prizes and rewards: Full tuition fee, monthly stipend of $3,000, travel allowance, establishment allowance, health insurance, and so on.

Dr. S. Radharkrishnan Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The objective of this award is to provide students an opportunity to carry out advanced studies and research in humanities and social sciences, including languages, in Indian universities and colleges.

Eligibility: Doctorate/PhD. Candidates should be below 35 years of age. (40 years for SC/ST/OBC/women candidates)

Application: Online Only

Prizes and rewards: Total 200 seats and stipend of Rs. 38,800 to Rs. 41,900 for three years; contingency award Rs. 50,000 per year.

Shikshadaan Meritorious Scholarship

To provide interim support for students coming from underprivileged sections, funding their college education that leads to employment.

Eligibility: Students who have passed Class XII (Science, Commerce, Arts) this year and with annual family income less than Rs. 2 lakh.

Application: Online.

Prizes and rewards: Total 20 scholarships with an individual award of Rs. 1 lakh paid over four years.

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  March 2017 - April 2017
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Physics Top Rankers
Tushar Mittal (other) 130
Saumya Gupta (Indore) 85
Hansha Chufal (Lucknow) 70
Divesh Banyal (other) 55
Sathyam Tiwary (Mangalore) 55
Chemistry Top Rankers
Tushar Mittal (other) 115
Sourankur Chakrabarti (Kolkata) 105
Vaishnavi (Hyderabad) 75
Saumya Gupta (Indore) 65
Pillai Aarti Ramesh (Ahmedabad) 55
Biology Top Rankers
mehak khanna (Surat) 250
Tushar Mittal (other) 247
Divesh Banyal (other) 245
Rohit Sagar (New Delhi) 225
Sharvan Singh Rajpurohit (Udaipur) 205
Physics Top Rankers
Rohit Sagar (New Delhi) 196
Riga, Reji (Kollam) 88
Sahil Subham Kundu (Puri) 84
Vanee Meghrajani (Nagpur) 64
Anand (Panaji) 52
Chemistry Top Rankers
Harish Khetan (New Delhi) 88
Pillai Aarti Ramesh (Ahmedabad) 88
Sharanjit Kaur (Guntur) 84
Lakit Parmar (Indore) 56
shubham kesharwani (Allahabad) 52
Biology Top Rankers
Shama Parveen (Chennai) 196
Aravinds (Kottayam) 164
Pillai Aarti Ramesh (Ahmedabad) 148
Ankit Kumar (Allahabad) 144
Jashu (other) 144
Physics Top Rankers
Top Rankers Not Found
General Knowledge Top Rankers
Rohit Sagar (New Delhi) 20
Sahil Subham Kundu (Puri) 9