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Govt to hire Delhi med school grads


The Delhi government's health department plans to recruit students graduating from the Capital's medical schools through a centralised system keeping their exam schedule in mind. Earlier, candidates from Delhi colleges would often be ineligible for resident doctors' posts if recruitment -decentralised till now -took place before they completed their graduate and postgraduate degrees.
While previously doctors from any part of the country could apply, the health and family welfare department now intends to absorb students graduating from Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) and University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS). Says an official, “These two medical colleges of the Delhi government are in the top 10. So, we believe their students are competent.Naturally, we would like to have more competent resident doctors in our hospitals.“
Apart from this reason, the move is meant to draw qualified candidates to peripheral hospitals. According to the new rules, the resident doctor's three-year tenure will include two six-month stints in these facilities in their second year.
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