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Finally, Miri Piri Medical College issue resolved


CHANDIGARH: Ultimately, admissions in the Miri Piri Medical College run by the SGPC at Shahabad (Kurukshetra) will begin from the academic year 2018.
A sum of more than Rs 100 crore will be spent on the project. At present, a 60-bedded hospital is running in Miri Piri which would soon be upgraded to 300-bedded hospital.
The issue had been hanging in fire for more than a decade. Therefore, according to Haryana health minister Anil Vij, the SGPC being fed up with the issue had kept its construction work incomplete. In January, Vij had given an assurance to the president of SGPC Avtar Singh Makkar about the construction.
On Friday, Raghujit Singh Virk, senior vice-president, SGPC along with others expressed gratitude to the state health minister. Virk was accompanied by Avtar Singh, secretary of the SGPC and in-charge of Miri Piri College Dr Sandeep Inder Singh.
"Vij has kept the word he gave on the Miri Piri Medical College in January, 2016, and members of the SGPC came to thank him. The foundation stone of the college was laid in 2006 but the previous Congress Government did not issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the committee for running the medical college", Virk said.
He said that Vij had initiated a campaign to strengthen the health network in the state and encouraged various organizations to open medical colleges. Vij has assured them that all formalities for getting the medical college started would be completed on time.
Vij told the delegation that the state government had set a target to open medical colleges in each district of the state. At present, procedure for opening medical colleges in Jind, Bhiwani, Panchkula, Jhajjar and Sirsa has been initiated, he added.

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