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AIPMT re-test will put more pressure on us


The controversy surrounding the All-India Pre-Medical/Dental Test (AIPMT) has affected the aspirants in many ways. After reports of an alleged ‘paper leak’ which left students worried and confused about their future, there were several students who demanded a re-test as they felt that the entire incident would adversely impact their chances of getting a seat in a medical college of their choice. Taking all aspects into account, the Supreme Court directed the Central Board of Secondary Education to conduct a re-test on July 25, 2015.
AIPMT aspirants say the re-test will delay activities of their academic year.
Though the apex court’s decision was taken in the interest of lakhs of students from across the country, some students are unhappy with the way things have turned out. “I am very disappointed over the re-exam and delay in results. The whole process of counselling, admission etc is being delayed so much that it will affect our first-year schedule. The CBSE conducts AIPMT for thousands of seats all over the country so this delay will affect the admission process everywhere. Even colleges under state governments which have a separate entrance examination will not be able to start the new session as 15% quota seats of state medical colleges are to be filled through AIPMT. Moreover, institutions like AFMC Pune, Delhi University, BHU and others (which have their admissions through AIPMT) will also have to wait for the AIPMT result to be announced to start the admission process. In the end, the students are the ones who will suffer the most,” says Saharsh Singh, an aspirant.
Singh says that only a few students who got selected in AIIMS are assured of their future. “The rest of the candidates are in a state of limbo wondering whether to take admission somewhere else or be confident about AIPMT and wait. I am in a dilemma over whether to go for the counselling at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University or prepare for the AIPMT again. Despite all these problems, I agree with the view of the Hon’ble Supreme Court that the sanctity of the examination cannot be compromised. The whole schedule will get delayed and we are headed for a busy year ahead. Colleges may have to compromise on autumn and winter breaks to complete the course on time,” he adds.
Experts suggest that now students should focus on concepts they have already learnt, revising these and making them stronger. Try not to learn new things now as it will only lead to confusion. “It is time to condense everything we learnt in the last two years. My plan is to solve some previous years’ papers so that I can identify the difficult areas and focus on them. I am also looking forward to practise more physics questions which I didn’t do the last time and paid the price. Give some time to every subject however easy it may seem to you. Every line of NCERT is a potential question so it has to be revised,” Singh suggests.
Aakash Chaudhry, director, Aakash Educational Services Pvt Ltd, says, “The Supreme Court verdict has been appreciated by students, though the entire issue is disappointing. All those students who fared well in the May 2015 AIPMT are disappointed. But it is okay as it has not given an unfair advantage to anyone. Students are finding it difficult to concentrate with as they did before. They should consider it as a lucky second chance to prove their competence and should take it in a positive way. They must think of all the mistakes they made during the exam held in May 2015 and make a list of these and prepare accordingly. All those topics which were left out need a thorough, intense revision. The students should not try to revise any other new book. They should just concentrate on their notes, NCERT and other study material. All those students who think they did not do well in the exam held earlier should consider this reconduct of AIPMT as a blessing in disguise. They should revise the complete syllabus thoroughly and practice a lot of questions again. Students must try to revise the full syllabus and practice mock tests.”
Bhavye Sikka, another aspirant, is also relieved that the students finally got a fair chance. “I think it was a fair decision and we finally got justice. This may have caused trouble to students who were scoring good marks in the first attempt but there was no other option left since the culprits could not be punished. Now that a second opportunity is given to us, we will make full use of it.”

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