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114 PG medical seats vacant in Gujarat University


After the first round of counselling in the post graduate medical and dental courses, around 114 seats seats in medical and 21 seats in PG dental have fallen vacant. This would be for the first time the seats in PG medical and dental courses have fallen vacant. 
The Gujarat University had on Friday declared the final merit list of 224 PG medical and 66 PG dental applicants for the 308 PG medical seats and 89 PG dental seats. Following the apex court directive that the first round of the admission to post graduate medical courses has to be completed by April 5 and hence the GU decided to conduct the admission on Saturday. 
In January, GU had conducted entrance tests for postgraduate medical and dental courses. The paper was tough and not many qualified. Realizing that the seats will fall vacant, GU decided to give 40 grace marks instead of 10. With the grace marks, over 400 students were clearing the medical entrance and 150 the dental entrance. But the matter was challenged in the high court. The court after hearing the petition, stated GU action of giving 40 grace marks is not proper as it was not a matter of policy. 
Officials said that on Saturday of the 224 students who were in the merit list were called and only 182 took admission while 24 did not secure the admission as they did not get the branch of their choice. Similarly in Dental also around 27 students who were called for admission refused admission. 
The officials said that Orthopedic, Radiology, Medicine, Skin and pediatric was the most sought after branches. Officials said that around 44 seats in BJ medical college, 51 seats in NHL and 19 seats in AMC medical colleges had remained vacant. 
The officials said that the after the second round of admission by the all India entrance, the GU will go in for the second round in the last week of April and the third round will be in May end.

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